Heart-warming Stories of our Clients

Heart-warming Stories of our Clients

Testimony from A. SAMUEL one of our subscriber who came across our website and decided to give it a try with a monthly subscription. He wrote this to help new members, thank you for this in depth testimony!


“I have been betting on football for over 8 years and I must admit that like 97% of the sports bettors I kept losing money. I don’t even want to begin thinking of how much money I lost over the years.

One day I decided that it was enough. I was going to quit betting on football when I came across your website TOP100SOCCERSITES which I signed up and subscribed to their professional package which is only 50 euros and ever since then my betting story changed completely.

Consistent winnings and I bet with confidence every now and then with their accurate soccer predictions. This was unbelievable for me at first for a plan that’s has so low price for a full month 30 days!

They asked me if it’s a Hobby or a Career?

If you are betting only as a hobby, then you don’t usually need advice and tips from experts they said. However, if you really want to make CONSISTENT PROFITS through soccer betting, free soccer betting tips will not get you there, maybe a halfway there but not all the way there. They kept saying this for a while at the start and now I know why!

Because you need the help of professionals and experts who know what they are doing and how things work in the real world of betting and that is where these guys came in to remove the burden off my head and provide me with the most accurate soccer predictions I’ve ever seen.

And since I started expressing my thoughts honestly I want to say this, yes these guys are not 100% safe fixed matches every day just pay pay pay today!

They take a different approach to betting, trying to teach you while they provide you with tips, why they’ve chosen them and how to find them yourself in the future.

Best site with the best resources so far I’ve found!

Once I saw the resources top100soccersites provides, I started to think about upgrading my plans. But it was so early I was only a few days in the professional package.
And I’ve lost 2 out of 7 matches which I thought it’s not bad at all compared to all other that I’ve encountered before.

And a big plus is that they give first warnings about tips they sent before I placed bets, they said clearly and I quote:

This is a guaranteed win 100%, BUT do not over stake on it, only bet what you can afford to lose. ALWAYS!

Why 100% fixed matches then?

Me asking myself afterward how is it possible to say it’s 100% yet I can’t place a maximum stake on in, it did not make sense.

With this question, I immediately got a coach assigned to me explaining how ALL the tips and predictions in the world are not 100%, it’s just a figure of speech that the punters sharing those picks have high hopes or trusts that his prediction will turn out correct.

I started asking questions about fixed matches, and as soon as I dropped the bomb about fixed matches, he stopped me and said:

Fixed matches are very expensive, and we deliver them only to investors that support us to secure them! Even our veterans do not receive them right away! We have to gain their trust first! Fixed matches are very fragile, there’s a ton of preqautions we take before delivering one!

They explained in depth how being a member and receiving a fixed match are two different things, and that to get a grasp on a fixed match they needed time to gain trust.

That being said they explained how the approach about fixed matches was 360 degrees different than the one they take with their membership services on their page.

I was a bit bumped after hearing about this, especially because I couldn’t yet afford one.

I asked If I’d upgrade my package to sportsman would I get the fixed match right away or within the first week or so, that was a big no on their side!

But the connection and services they offered made my profits rise like never before!
This gave me the freedom to upgrade my plan within a week and a half of my pro membership to the sportsman plan.

And let me tell you this, I’ve never ever received more accurate soccer predictions in my life.
They did lose some but the profits were overwhelmingly more than the losses.
And there’s a ton of features that you can use, like dropping odds and top 5s predictions in the day for 1×2, under over and both teams to score! As well as websites that they trust provide good tips.

Yes, you read that right, they even provide links from sites that they believe deliver accurate predictions to help their member make maximum profits!


If you are serious about betting but you don’t want to spend hours analyzing matches’ stats, teams’ current performance or the infinite offer of bookies, if you’re looking to obtain RELIABLE BETTING TIPS that will turn out to be more precise than you expected, it’s essential to register and join this website which fully understands the importance of every component of the betting process.

These guys have succeeded in the system and strategy, and if you join, you’ll be successful, too! It won’t hurt me if I share this secret with you, while it will help some of you to change your life for good and finally become financially free for life.

Their services are fairly low for most countries, they really thought of everything!

I’d strongly advise everyone that reads this to join right now while prices are on summer sale, it’s too bad they didn’t tell me that there will be a summer sale before I upgraded my plan. But I totally understand why!

So to wrap this up, I’m glad and happy to be with you guys! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the help and freedom you gave me during our cooperation.

Hopefully ill be able to upgrade to veteran and get a hold on those fixed matches, and I promise ill give an updated review when I do so!

(We’ve edited only the spelling mistakes on this review, nothing else!)

Piotr W.

It has been almost 1 month since I have joined top 100 soccer sites team and you’ve shown consistency and tremendous performance. It is such a GREAT feeling to see that one’s can predict such accurate picks that could guarantee me monthly profit. The picks are very promptly sent.

It has been strategically proven and their results on the web are real.

I am here still standing to support them and put my trust in them.

Thanks, TOP100SOCCERSITES, keep up your outrageous performance.

Cherian G.

I started to bet on football matches during the world cup. As I cant read chinese with most of the website in chinese one of my friend ask me to try top100soccersites.

As i browse the page i found that with only 50 euros i would get a premium pick.

I started with rank 1 and now im going from 4 to 5.
I’ve gathered a lot of credits by daily visiting and i got picks from you for free!
This gave me the courage to buy the monthly plan for only 49 euros.

I have full confident with the team even if i have lost for 3 matches in a row as i know that i can recover later. It has been 12 days already which i have been a pro member and say what you may like i do make money from their picks.

At first i was not consistent with my bet and i lost a lot then the team guide me to play and since then i have been winning.

My special thanks to the person whom i always converse with by using WhatsApp. Thank You Very Much. Without the pick i would not have got the extra things that i always wanted but could not afford. GOOD JOB WELL DONE.

Vladislav A.

After many years spent on looking for online income I have finally found you.

You changed my life. Thank you!

Andrew I.

You are unbelievable. Finally found someone real and professional.

Thank you so much guys Big, Big Thank You!

Jim Paouris

I have used so many paid-tips sites that they claim to provide fixed matches, or insider information and manage to have 80% success rate on 1×2 or Over/Under bets. I really have used a vast majority of them, with really no success. From all the sites I have used, none of them succeeded to provide even a reliable 60% success rate.

To make it worse, all of them have suffered many consequent losses, like 4 or 5 losses in a row!

When I have purchased OK Tips, I have enjoyed 9 WINS, one DRAW, and NO LOSS!! This perfomance is absolutely true!

OK Tips is my answer to my long survey of paid insider tip sites, and I have at last found a site that is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than others!

And the most important of all, they don’t have 500 or 1000 or even 2000 USD price
per tip, only to find out that even these expensive services manage only 50-60%!

If you are skeptic about how a site can provide so successfull results, you can easily find out that their OK Tips records are ABSOLUTELY TRUE!

Their price is very small for tips of such quality.

My last won was Mallorca vs Albacete, and not only I have really recovered all my previous losses, but I am finally ahead thanks to this fantastic service of OK Tips!

Juan S.

I really enjoy this service because it offers unique tips at very low risk.

Odds are quite good considering that these are very safe tips and i’m happy with that.

Wish you all the best, byeee.

Sean L

Previously I have tried alot of soccer websites that provide insider tips.

After couple of trial they proved to be very inconsistent until I found this Top100SoccerSites. Initiately I was in doubt too that they might provide inconsistent result.

However after a couple of picks, I was very happy with the result that they provide.

They are also very customer oriental which provides good service to customers.


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