How to Make A Perfect<br>Football Betting Ticket

How to Make A Perfect
Football Betting Ticket

How to Make A Perfect Football Betting Ticket?

What is a bet slip? How does a bet slip work?

How to Make a betting slip double or a combo?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get the hang of all these basic sports betting concepts and start wagering straight away?

It might sound overwhelming at first, but it’s not…

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What is bet slip ticket or combo?

If there is something that has the potential to bring you more money,
it’s a combo or as punters call it a ticket as well as bet slip.

So in this post, we will mainly talk about how to make a perfect football betting ticket without any prior knowledge for football betting.

Not only how to make a perfect football betting ticket but also what a ticket or a bet slip is.

So basically we will start from scratch.BetFair TOP100SOCCERSITES How to Make A Perfect Football Betting Ticket

Ticket Example:

For example, you have selected a few matches with different or exactly same bets and you are sure that the outcome will be what you think it will, and want the odds of the matches to be multiplied for you to make the maximum profit.

Or maybe you’ve chosen 10 matches with 1.30 odds and have combined them, etc.1xBet TOP100SOCCERSITES How to Make A Perfect Football Betting Ticket

To make sure you are making the most of your ticket, or How to Make A Perfect Football Betting Ticket you need to explore all possible sources to choose the right matches.

Your ticket decisions have to be perfect for it to win.

Making it really hard even for pro football punters despite how long they’ve been in this business.

It’s difficult to make a constant winning on high and even low odds when you make a ticket.

Best thing about making your own football betting ticket:

The biggest pro for building your own betslips is control.Top100SoccerSites Bookies Bwin

Often when betting on matches you try to find the best picks by your own prediction of what you think might happen.

But occasionally it is difficult to find a line that perfectly matches your exact guess.

You, therefore, end up placing a lot of bets because they are the best fit rather than a true reflection of what you think will happen.

By combining predictions you can inflate the odds and this is one of the biggest attractions of bet slips, it allows you to potentially turn a small stake into a large payout.

Full tutorial for How to Make A Perfect Football Betting Ticket is present in our sportsman and veteran plans

Personally, we include tickets in some of our offers which you can find here.

And our last ticket you can see by clicking this link.

But we treat them more as a bit of extra income and fun, hoping our combined predictions may come true but not setting our hopes on them.

This is the approach we use with tickets, we first recommend our new visitors and clients to grab a monthly plan.

This way we will increase your income from the daily bets and you will be slowly taught how to choose the right predictions every day.

If you’re on your own, you’ll win some you’ll lose some

However, if you bet on tickets every day though you will begin to lose at first.

Regardless of losing some tickets you will learn what events or leagues to avoid to make in good profits in general.

Remember though if you are betting on tickets you minimize the selected picks to increase the winning chance.

Many of today’s punters like to place a big amount of matches 10-15 with smaller odds like 1.30 to 1.50. But the reality is that they will lose 9 out of 10 bet slips.

How to Make A Perfect Football Betting Ticket

So let’s start with How to Make A Perfect Football Betting Ticket:

Rule #1

Do not combine over 6-7 matches on one bet slip!
Until now you’ve probably bet or have encountered people or friends that have bet or still do on tickets with a high amount of matches.

It will be your own loss if you follow them.

They will not tell you their lost previous tickets, only the ones that won will be shared on social media or sent to friends to show them how good of a punter they are.

While the reality is they barely get their money back from other lost tickets.

Being greedy and wanting to raise profit fast are two different things.

So to evade this we’d highly recommend you to lower the quantity of the tips and choose only the quality ones that you think will give you the best chance of success.

Rule #2

Don’t rush.
Do not rush the decisions on which tips to combine, if the quantity of matches in the day you’ve chosen is high, take your time and select 15 tips from that day.

After that narrow it down to 10 tips out of those 15, this will give you the advantage to review the tips again.

Even though you think all of them are safe to bet!

Next, you split the ones you’re not so sure about and the ones you are sure about.

By the time you do this, you’ll have those 5 tips reviewed and analyzed 5 times.

Now that you’ve done all this you can spend some time to choose the bets and stake on the bet slip

Rule #3

Let the professionals do it for you.

We are professionals in football betting for years now.

Let us form your ticket with the highest possible odds of winning, so you can make some extra profits.

But first, be sure you are a monthly subscribed member.

We make three to six selections to create your winning ticket. Mostly 4 with some exclusions.
Our most used picks or fixtures are:

  • Match Result (Full Time or Half Time)
  • Both Teams to Score
  • Number of Goals Scored (Over 2.5, Over 3.5, Under 2.5, Under 1.5, etc.)

Once you are happy with your monthly plan you can buy a ticket.

Select the highest plan you can afford and lets start making profits for you to become veteran.

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