How To Unlock The Best Football Tips

How To Unlock The Best Football Tips

How To Unlock The Best Football Tips

Introduction in to How To Unlock The Best Football Tips

It is essential to have the best predictions for profiting successfully from football or soccer betting.

We offer a huge variety of matches in our services, some of which are 100% safe to bet.

Those 100% safe fixed matches are manipulated, bribed or also called rigged.

Fixed matches are not easy to come by so this is the exact reason why we’ve included them in our highest package. You are looking for a trustworthy source, we are looking for trustworthy clients.

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How to join us and how to unlock the best football tips?

This process will either take 24 hours for your package to be fully active and for you to start receiving tips or it will be instantly activated.

By instantly we mean within an hour.

The best and fastest payment method is via crypto values.

We use bitcoin, you can request it via email and we will deliver it.

The other method is using a western union, but this method is not available for our veteran plan.

This is due to security for our fixed manipulated HT/FT and Correct Score Matches.

Fixed matches are very fragile but the are the best football tips a punter can bet on.

Or in other words, a punter can invest in, because betting on football fixed matches guarantees you 100% safe profits. This way they come at a high price!

Fixed Matches are not available for some countries due to reselling purposes.

Just like you probably have been damaged before so have we.

By reselling matches the odds are removed or drastically drop.

Damaging our clients and all the future bets that need to be placed are unavailable to be placed.

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Free Fixed Matches Or A Trial?

You can read the full post here, but in general the answer to this question is no.
There are no fixed matches in this world that are free or real fixed matches as a trial.

It is not logical to request this. And all requests to us about trial or free fixed matches will be ignored.

There is no chance of a deal for after payment for these tips, this will never happen.

We will not risk our secured fixed matches for a might be future client.

What if these football fixed matches lose?

There’s null chance that our fixed matches will lose or disappoint you in any way.

If this happens (but it never will) we will refund your full investment and we will also refund your stakes in the fixed match, but are going to require you to send us an image of the bet so we can see the stakes amount.

How do we secure these fixed matches?

This is a secret but we will disclose some information about this question which is one of the most asked questions for all members who wish to become veterans on

Our agents are spread world wide into mostly all of the leagues that we have chance of gaining a deal or an agreement for rigging a match.

After our agents make the deal deliver the payment and the match is secured by the team, manager, referee, or basically anyone who has influence on the teams.

We do not use any analysis from sites like flash score or any other site on these tips!

If you want more info about this you will need to become a veteran member.