Huge Update Coming Soon!

Huge Update Coming Soon!


We have a new update to release really soon!




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When Will This Be Released?

When the countdown timer ends!

Top 100 Soccer Sites Red Coin Credits

Earn Credits

By being active, completing achievements, visiting posts and ranking your account you will earn credits.

Free Credits To Get Free Things!

The more credits you are going to earn the more free things you will unlock! And the higher rank you'll become!

What can you buy with the credits?

You'll be able to buy all sorts of stuff,
certain ranks will be able to buy better stuff and the more credits
you save up the better tips and goodies you'll be able to buy!


You will be able to rank up your account and unlock hidden treasures!

Rank Up Your Account

By earning credits on you'll be able to purchase some if not all of the paid features from our site.

There will be rank types for advanced members!

There will be a high variety of ranks that you can earn,
from beginner ranks all up to veteran and pro supporters ranks.


We will include a earning badge system that will be formed of multiple badges you can earn by visiting and interacting on our website.

What Kind Of Badges Will Be Included

We will add a lot of badges, in example there will be a badge for your first login/registration, for daily visits, for reading posts, visiting pages etc.

Why Would You Need These?

We will explain more about why you would want to earn the badges in the upcoming updates, but simply put
To Get Free Stuff!

Already A Member?

If you're already a member of top 100 soccer sites you don't need to worry about you rank being as everyone else.

What Do We Mean?

All already registered members will be upgraded with ranks that are adequate to their registration entry.

What does this mean and when?

You will get the upgrade as soon as our developers are ready to
push the next update for our new system.
Be patient you will get the promotion within days.

What Can Be Unlocked

Most of the extra tips that are visible to our website will be locked to new visitors.

Rank Up And Unlock More!

By ranking your account up you will unlock more analyzed predictions and daily picks with more probabilities and might bies for free.

Some of our features will become locked to unregistered or low rank visitors!

We will lock some of the free tips and free predictions for visitors who have a higher rank or are registered.

Donate And Get Credits

By donating or purchasing credits you will unlock hidden sections from our website.

Yes we have hidden sections!

If you rank high enough you will receive emails with instructions to follow to see what we've stored for our loyal members.

Remember Becoming A Member Is Free!

There is no payment required for you to create an account.
Just hit the register button on the top and fill out the form!